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Let the Vision Compliance team carry the burden of bringing your medical, pharma, or retail products to the EU and China. We ensure your offers are fully compliant, aligned, certified, and approved without having to lift a finger.

Are you facing any compliance issues? Make it all go away.

With Vision Compliance, all the audits and talks with regulatory and supervisory bodies, companies and clients are solved. You never have to see them – or us. Inspections, medical trials, privacy issues – the Vision Compliance team of experts can handle anything.

Retail and Wholesale to EU and China

Bring your products to exciting new markets without a hitch.
Let us handle individual country regulations and align your product with regulatory requirements, represent you trough certification and inspections, and prepare your documentation, market launch and follow-up with post-marketing data.

How we do retail+

Life Sciences - medical, in-vitro and pharma

Navigate strictly regulated fields of pharma, medical and in-vitro products with an experienced team at the helm. Win government funding and land lucrative contracts with health insurance funds, with pre and post-market support and reporting from Vision Compliance.

How we handle science and med-tech+

Work with a team of regulatory experts

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  • Regulatory and industry-specific expert teams covering EU and China territories.

  • Client services for multinationals, manufacturers, distributors, exporters and importers, SMEs and startups.

  • Dedicated, well-organized professionals who execute on time, with skill and precision.

Hire a team of experts

Outsource your medical, pharma, sales and regulatory issues to a team of local experts and reap the rewards


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