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Hire our team of experts to guide you through the product registration and certifications you need to enter EU and China markets. Let them represent you before regulatory and other government bodies during and after inspections and audits. Run audits to assess your current compliance situation and train your staff on the finer points of EU and China regulation for pharmaceuticals, medical products and devices, as well as in-vitro diagnostics.

Solve every compliance issue with Vision Compliance.

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Regulatory Compliance Support and Consulting

With dozens of continuously amended EU rules concerning pharmaceuticals, medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics, and other kinds of products, you need an expert help in discovering the relevant regulatory requirements and then figuring out how you’ll comply in bringing your products to retail in the EU.

Vision Compliance can solve all of your compliance issues and function as your company’s outsourced compliance and regulatory department.

Regulatory paperwork

Let us draft all of the necessary paperwork for your product registration and certification, oversee the process, amend what needs amending and translate all of your consumer-facing documentation (instruction manuals, simplified instructions for use, and other collaterals). Enter markets without friction and unnecessary strain on your in-house compliance department.

Choose instead to outsource to an expert team of regulatory and industry experts at Vision Compliance to handle it all for you.

Market Access Analysis

When deciding on further business expansion into new markets, you need to consider specific country regulations, since the EU allows every member country to adopt specific regulations in various industries.

That fact can turn your expansion plan into a regulatory compliance nightmare.

Working with a team of local regulatory experts and industry professionals can quickly resolve the nightmare. Vision Compliance can help you execute your expansion plan successfully in any EU country.


Keeping your business alert and agile for expansion means running detailed and strict internal audits of your manufacturing procedures, as well as conducting regular reviews of product characteristics to discover what your next steps should be on the road to new horizons.

Vision Compliance teams have run similar audits on both sides, for government bodies, as well as manufacturers, importers, and distributors, and can help you get your expansion and your product registration right from the start.


If your company is hoping to sign a lucrative manufacturing or retail contract with an EU or China business entity, then having a reliable representative to handle high-stakes situations makes your business a lot less volatile.

Vision Compliance brings a team of experts to every negotiation, allowing you the advantage of being the smartest person in the room – even when you’re not there – and getting you exactly what you want.


Even expanding your webshop to EU markets comes with numerous compliance issues, such as adherence to the EU’s GDPR. Vision Compliance knows what you need to handle user data correctly, so you — and your users’ data — stay safe.

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