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Hire experienced retail and EU regulatory experts to guide you through initial assessment, registration and certification, audits, and inspections. Solve every regulatory situation to your advantage.

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Internal client politics revision

Synchronize your company processes with EU regulatory bodies and gather all the necessary documents and permits. Obtain representation before regulatory bodies, ensure adherence to ethical business standards, and get access to translation services. Secure technical support and coordination services for your business.

Syncing with consumers

Let us help you review all your online business documentation, labelling, and product descriptions as required by local institutions. Address regulatory requirements for price marking, as well as discount offers, complaint issues, and return advice safely and securely. Use our services to handle local inspections and representation in front of various regulatory bodies and professional associations.


When entering a new market, you need legal as well as strategic advice in choosing local partners as required for your industry or the distribution of your product. Let Vision Compliance screen them and assist you in making appropriate selections.

Lobbying before EU regulatory bodies

Let us take care of any issue you might have by leveraging our connections with various government bodies through trade and industry associations.
We can educate you on specific regulatory frameworks, and, as part of the service, we can notify you when an opportunity to make advantageous changes arises in your business.
We can represent your company before regulatory bodies and represent the interests of retail and life science industry.

Due Diligence

Let us go through your books to let you know if the time is right for a takeover or a merger with your competition to enable you to penetrate the EU and China markets swiftly. We will help you with regulation and other market practices.


Let us help you to track your website, webshop or offline user data to ensure your compliance with the EU’s GDPR. You must respect users’ privacy and protect their data, and we can show you how to “think Privacy by Default and Design.” Vision Compliance can also help you solve data breaches and get the right representation before supervisory bodies.

Multichannel retail

Expand your business across channels: make your products available online, in brick & mortar shops, and shopping malls while respecting market specific regulation.

Advertising compliance

Learn what you can and cannot do under EU and specific market country laws in terms of advertising.

Marketing compliance

Learn more about the channels available to your business, specific regulatory schemes by country or jurisdiction, acceptable practices for tracking traction and engagement and more. Vision Compliance can inform you as to what you should and should not do on your road to success.

Industry Cluster representation

In the attempt to do their best for the consumers within the EU, regulators are passing or discussing multiple new directives and laws covering various aspects of your business. Unfortunately, these are likely to complicate your business situation and change applicable regulatory and compliance requirements.
We’re here to help you with all of that.

Expert Consultation

At Vision Compliance, our expertise is wide and deep. Whether you want to introduce a new food supplement, a fabulous tech gizmo, or the latest entry in the anti-wrinkle creme craze inside or outside the EU, Vision Compliance can help make it happen smoothly, on plan and on time. And in full compliance, of course.

Vision Compliance offers EU-MDR and EU-IVDR support and representation too.

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