Placing your product to EU and China markets comes with a set of industry-specific rules and challenges, as well as the need for constant contact with regulatory bodies. You could try to learn it all by yourself, you could try relying on advice from competition and partners – or you can hire an experienced team of regulatory and industry professionals to guide you through it all, train your staff and just make it all go away.

Expand your business to EU and China markets with our full support.


You found an exciting product from a manufacturer on the other side of the globe. When you tried importing it into the market, you hit a bureaucratic wall of complex laws, production rules, consumer safety regulations, and certification procedures.

It happens. Frequently.

Talking with someone who has worked on similar products or has valuable insider regulatory know-how can save you valuable time.

Vision Compliance is here for you. Bring your products and innovations to the market without delay.


Closing a deal and overseeing your product’s manufacture in a factory halfway around the world — especially when dealing with people who don’t speak your language — is a daunting task.

No need for worry. Let Vision Compliance find you the right factory, one that is compliant with regulations. Let us help you oversee the production, while taking care of the regulatory side of things.

Cut the cost, increase production.

Start Ups

In the age of disruption, having a great idea does not make you rich, unless you can monetize the vision and scale your production quickly to meet market demands while obeying specific EU and national regulations. If it seems too much, maybe you need regulatory and retail support from an expert team.

Scale and grow your business across the EU and China with Vision Compliance.


The size of your company doesn’t matter much in the global economy.

If you’re able to move quickly and know what to do, your growth will continue unhindered, as long as you deliver on your product promise and provide outstanding customer services.

Of course, continuing success also means you sometimes have to modify your offers to meet specific markets and regulatory obligations. Let Vision Compliance help.

Grow your company and conquer new markets with us.


Access to new markets seems a daunting task to any multinational company, in part because there are many country-specific regulations for every regulated industry, product, or device. What works in one country is forbidden in another. Regulatory and industry expert teams at Vision Compliance can make sense of it all and help you reach your main goals.

Align with each nation’s specific regulation correctly and quickly with help from Vision Compliance.


Expanding your product reach to new markets comes with a set of red tape hurdles you have to overcome to get your products on the shelves.

Regulations, consumer protection rules, certifications, and inspections, are among the compliance areas Vision Compliance can help you address successfully. We pride ourselves on providing you with actionable strategies, without leaving you to wade through hundreds of pages of incomprehensible “regulation-talk”.

Enter EU and China markets in record time with our help.

Be done with all that regulation

Outsource to Vision Compliance’s medical, pharma, sales, and regulatory experts.

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